Centre for Global Negotiations

The Brandt Equation: 21st Century Blueprint for a New Global Economy

Table of Contents

Summary: 21st Century Blueprint for the New Global Economy
I. Renaissance of the Brandt Reports
A Brandt New World?
The Brandt Proposals: A Report Card


Armaments and Security
Energy and the Environment
Technology and Corporations
Money and Finance
Global Negotiations
2002 Report to Stakeholders: Global Wealth without Globalization of Benefits
II. Breakdowns in Global Monetarism
  International Banks and the First Debt Crisis: Latin America
Foreign Investment and the Second Debt Crisis: Southeast Asia
Crisis Finance: Who Wants to be a Lender of Last Resort?
III. The Dawn of Global Sovereignty
  'Globalization': Short for Global Privatization
Potential Revolution: Unleashing Global Demand
Democracy International: Mobilizing for Global Development
IV. Global Action Program
  Common Agenda: New Global Round of Negotiations
Summit of Government Leaders: For an Emergency Relief Program
Popular Referendum of the UN General Assembly: For the Restructuring of the Global Economy
  Earth in the Balance: The Vision of Willy Brandt
The World Waited...

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