Announcing the 2010 Convention on the Global Commons

On June 5, 2007 – the sixtieth anniversary of the announcement of the US Marshall Plan for Europe – Centre for Global Negotiations, Global Marshall Plan Initiative and other international organizations launched a program to create the Convention on the Global Commons, to be held in 2010. A three-year multi-stakeholder consultation process will precede the conference. Through an inclusive and interactive website – – business, governments, civil society, academia, and media from across the world will shape a draft report and help select delegates to an international conference. These representatives will meet to discuss the draft agenda for the Convention on the Global Commons and attempt to reach consensus on a final plan that will be widely publicized and presented to several G8 Summits, the United Nations, and other multilateral institutions. The report is expected to call upon the world community to:

  • Fulfill the Millennium Development Goals
  • Protect our Common Global Resources
  • Restructure Global Economic Rules & Institutions
  • Establish New Forms of Governance
  • Generate Multilateral Financing with International Standards
  • Realize Human and Social Potentials

The purpose of the consultation network and the Convention on the Global Commons is to emulate a global democratic referendum for a common action plan that is universally supported by business, government, civil society organizations, members of the scientific and religious communities, the media and other relevant organizations. With the widest possible group of international stakeholders involved in identifying the agenda, the timeline, and the agencies required to launch a global action plan, the Convention on the Global Commons will acquire an unprecedented level of popular legitimacy with the global public as well as major political influence with multinational corporations, banks, governments, and the United Nations. International public pressure is expected to grow until the designated agencies are authorized by governments and the United Nations to adopt the Convention on the Global Commons.

Another world is mobilizing! We invite you, your organization, and other organizations with which you are affiliated, to take an active role in the consultation network for the Convention on the Global Commons and be the change you want to see in the world. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive new and exciting updates as this process unfolds.


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Press Release: Announcing the 2010 Convention on the Global Commons

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